14 November 2009

Interview with Q Eikkasit

Cikgu Kacak: Q Eikkasit, you are a legend and a hero of mine. Who in your opinion was the best European that you fought, and who is the best fighter pound for pound in Muay Thai that you have ever seen outside Thailand?
Q Eikkasit: The best Europeans I have fought are Peyman “War Hammer” from Sweden, Pound for pound I would say Ramon Dekker.

Cikgu Kacak: Do you speak Lao or Thai more? Where are you from in Thailand?
Q Eikkasit: I speak Lao more. I am from Buriram, in north eastern Thailand close to Laos.

Cikgu Kacak: Do you like Malaysia?
Q Eikkasit: Life in Malaysia was very difficult at first. Malaysia is very different to Thailand. I was a fighter all my life. So living in Malaysia by myself was hard. But I had many great friends, who were like brothers, who helped me: Kru Amin, Abbas Ahmadi, and many others. Now, life is good. Malaysia has many opportunities and many good people too. I am so very lucky.

Cikgu Kacak: How does the training in Thailand differ from that in Malaysia?
Q Eikkasit: Boxers in Thailand do not work. They train and fight full time. Athletes train 2 times a day. But this is because of a different culture, and different influences. Boxers in this country have to worry about getting hurt when they train. If they get hurt they can not fight.

Cikgu Kacak: How long have you trained in Muay Thai and how good has it been for you?
Q Eikkasit: Officially, I started training at 8 years old. Muay Thai gave me work, food, housing and some money for my family. I was lucky to fight at Lumpinee and Rajadamnern and Malaysia. It gave me opportunity to fight great fighters. Now I can pass Muay Thai to my students. But life of a fighter is hard, not easy at all.

Cikgu Kacak: What were you thinking when you became Muay Thai champ?
Q Eikkasit: I was happy because I could send money to my family.

Cikgu Kacak: What do you think were your most effective techniques that enabled you too win most of your fights. ie .timing, southpaw stance, counterfighting etc?
Q Eikkasit: Don't know... I think it's be relaxed and not to worry about anything. For example, when I fight outside Thailand, I never cared about trouble with different food, time or being tired. I never care, I just fight. Techniques? I don't know, I just use everything. But many people think I have good punches.

Cikgu Kacak: How do you over come the extreme nervousness? I know it is natural to be nervous but is there anything you can do to help the feeling?
I see this with my students too. I always tell them, "don't worry, relax and just fight." Take this fighting spirit into your real life too so when you are in the ring, it's nothing special, no big deal. And the more you fight, the better and less scared you get. Don't worry. When you are in the ring, you're all by yourself. No one can help you. So, all you can do is fight. So fight! Don't back down. Like in life, no one is going to live your life. So, no one is going to fight your fight for you. Muay Thai is not winning or being better than the other guy. It is learning to lose before winning and to give from your heart before receiving. In Muay Thai, you always win and lose. So, don't worry.

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