25 Oktober 2010

Muay Thai for kids – The benefits

We live in a fast paced world, technology seems to be taking over, so where is it all heading for the kids?

No longer do kids go play in the park, or build a camp in the local woods, instead, they stay cooped up at home, sitting in front of the TV, with the latest offering from the computer games universe. It is so easy for kids to become inactive and end up overweight or even obese!

The kids who go learn Muay Thai, not only get much needed exercise and social interaction, Muay Thai also encompasses character building and life skills.

Muay Thai is steeped in philosophy as well as ancient fighting techniques. Great Muay Thai masters of old, preach character building over fighting. Master Yodtong Senanan, founder of Sityodtong Muay Thai Camp said, "The ultimate aim of Muay Thai lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of character of its participants".

A good Muay Thai instructor will not only teach Muay Thai moves, a good Muay Thai camp will encourage all the positive life skills like, achievement, humility, determination, respect, effort, etc.

A nak muay (someone who practices Muay Thai), will be taught to respect their fellow nak muay, showing respect to people in the camp, will lead to the same being shown outside of the Muay Thai camp.

Muay Thai classes for kids should be both fun and serious, check out Muay Thai classes and ask if you can observe a typical class. They should encompass all of the above and much more. If they do, encourage your child to have a go.

So, are Muay Thai classes for kids, good for them? YES! And I believe it should be compulsory in all camp, but then again, I am a little biased! I’ve been training and teaching Muay Thai for over 12 years and loves to share my knowledge and experiences from the Muay Thai camp.

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