28 Oktober 2010

The best martial art for kids

Parents struggle to find activities that will help their children build those important values that they themselves have been taught, often through hard work and responsibility. This is difficult today as so many restrictions are placed on parenting, even by people and organizations of people who do not have the experience of raising a child.

Martial arts is one of the greatest ways for children to learn all of the most important characteristics of positive role models, because it keeps the child's interest, and it is something the family can easily do together. It does all of this without convincing the child that he or she is required to win, no matter what the cost.

Facing reality, many extracurricular activities, such as after-school sports programs, teach children that it is acceptable to lie, cheat, and even do poorly in class. Coaches accept "passing" grades and do not always encourage students to do better, as long as the "star athletes" are available to win games.

The best martial arts for children are the ones that teach respect and discipline, encourage education, and discourage the use of violence. They also strive to build self-confidence and humility. Contrary to popular belief, most martial arts styles are meant for self defense rather than physical violence.

In choosing the appropriate martial arts style for your child, it is necessary to watch one or two classes, converse with the main instructor(s) and meet anyone else who may be conducting classes. Also, it is important to allow your child to be a part of the decision-making process. Parents should also attend, because the best martial arts style for children is also the best for their families.

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