29 Julai 2010

P.C. Bull

The combat sport of Muay Thai is well known in Kelantan. If the Thai province, Isaan is famous for producing champions, then that honor would go to Kelantan, in Malaysia. In fact, a lot of Malaysian Thai Boxing clubs recruit Kelantanese boxers to represent their clubs.

Although Kelantan has been declared a poor state (a fate mutually shared with Isaan, in Thailand), the Kelantanese consider Muay Thai a recreational activity and not a sport to be done professionally. Muay Thai is the no.1 sport in Kelantan, a title which is given to soccer in other Malaysian states.

Selangor, incidentally, is located right in the epicentre of Peninsular Malaysia. Known as the “Malaysia’s Gold Mine”, the state is considered the most developed in the country. Despite Selangor constantly winning the Malaysia Cup, soccer is not played by all of the state’s youth. Kids and teenagers in Selangor rather spend their time in front of the computer or hanging out in cybercaf├ęs. One of the reasons the Kelantanese people are strong and proud and the Selangorians grow soft and lethargic. Our once proud traditions of instilling manly traits in our sons has transformed into P.C. bull and weak principles.

Many Kelantanese boxers have made their way to Selangor, after being recruited by prestigious clubs such as Boxxwarriors, Kirsty Fight Club, Malaysian Tigers and Royal Malaysia Police. This is largely due to the obvious deficit in local Muay Thai talent, these clubs have resorted to importing Kelantanese fighters to represent them.

Translated by Mohamed Nazim Maduarin for Muay Thai Magazine, Australia.

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