29 Mac 2016

No.1 Muaythai camp in Klang

(Artikel ini pernah tersiar dalam Majalah International Kickboxer edisi Januari 2011)

1. Sitkrumat Muay Thai Boxing Camp was established on 1st January 2009, in Selangor, Malaysia by Kru Raja Ahmad Talmizi, a school teacher from Kelantan.

2. Kelantan incidentally, is a state located on the Thai-Malaysian border.

3. Kru Raja Ahmad, ingeniuously picked a recreational park to serve as the camp’s training centre.

4. As Kru Raja Ahmad is also a high school teacher, most of the camp’s pioneering trainees, consisted of his own students at school.

5. The syllabus taught at Sitkrumat is complete and exhilarating as it encompasses Muay Thai teaching and education for pre-school.

6. Kru Raja Ahmad has studied the training systems of the Muay Thai camps and gyms in Thailand; and subsequently adapted it to attract everyone in the local community.

7. Despite not having permanent gym premises like the other Muay Thai gyms in Malaysia; Sitkrumat has drawn and received remarkable public attention and support.

8. The camp’s location at the centre a recreational park, clearly proves to be an advantage as it enables any member of the public to literally walk in and join the training.

9. This gives the camp an edge over other camps, in terms of public accessibility.

10. To date, Sitkrumat has trained almost 500 high school students and adults.

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