27 Disember 2010

Train in Thailand?

Recently I’ve received a bunch of PMs reguarding good gyms in Thailand to train at. I’m making this thread to help answer many of the same questions I’ve seen recently. I know that I will not get everything covered in this post so feel free to add your knowledge and experiences also. I’ll start by asking a few common questions I’ve seen and answering them.

What is a good gym to train at in Thailand?
There are so many great places to train in Siam that it all depends on you. Ask yourself a few of these questions. What do I wish to achieve by training in the Land of Smiles? Do I want to fight a pro match? Am I looking just to improve my technique and fitness? Do I want to able to train by day and party by night? All these elements come into existence while searching for the best gym that suites you. Once you’ve answered these questions, selecting a gym should not be to difficult.

How much does it cost and how much money should I bring?
Most gyms in the same regions charge about the same price for training, food, and accommodation. If you don’t want to stay at the gym, you can find a room somewhere else but the cost can be higher or lower depending on the accommodation your choose. You always want more than enough spending cash. Thailand is inexpensive for most falangs due to the exchange rates. If you are focused on training, you will not be spending too much money daily. I’d say not more than 250 baht. That is paying for bottled water, a couple snacks you may pick up between training sessions like those bags of fruit for 15 to 20 baht depending on who you buy from and you may get hungry after dinner is served so you stroll to the closest 7-11. Another thing to look at while training is going to fights. If you are in Bangkok (BKK), you will be visiting Rajadamnern and Lumpinee. Possibly some like Siam Omnoi, Tv7 Stadium or Channel 5. Depending on the gym you train at and what night of the week it is, you may be able to get in free to the fights. That depends on how well the gym you choose is connected. I’d say go in expecting to pay and if you don’t have to, great! Total monthly budget should be about RM1500 for the man or woman that is concentrating on training. That includes travel to and from the stadiums for fights by whatever manner of transportation you choose, cover charge to enter, food and drink not provided by the gym, those Saturday nights that may come along where you and your news training mates go out for dinner and drinks and pay you’re your trainers meal. (Don’t let him barrow any money!) and other miscellaneous items. If you are partying more and on a muaythai holiday, your cost can rise substantially. It’s too difficult for me to do the math on that due to the unknown amount of variables.

How long should I stay to actually improve my skills?
I’d say at least one month. THAT IS THE BARE MINIMUM. That is also putting your all into your training. Putting your all does not mean going 100% at all times on the bags or pads. Please don’t skip out on the morning runs or situps either. I understand that it will take a few days for you to acclimate to the time change and heat but once you have, do what you came to do. Many farangs may only get two weeks vacation/holiday time whichs blows but if you still want to come train, do it!! You probably will not be able to improve as much cause of time constraints but you will still learn something and any knowledge is useful if you know how to use it. If you can stay for 2, 3, or 4 months, go for it. Your game will go through the roof and upon returning home, I doubt any of your training partners will be able to keep up with you unless they are seasoned.

How is the healthcare if I was to get injured?
Pretty good actually. I suggest getting travelers insurance below you leave home.

Should I bring my own gear or use the gyms’ gear?
Bring your own if you have it.

How clean are the the gyms?
This varies camp to camp. All try to maintain a healthy environment for the their boxers but you as a falang may not be immune to certain infections and irritants. Shower right after every training session too.

How easy can I get a fight and how much is the pay?
It’s usually very easy to get a fight since they are happening every night of the weeks somewhere. If you are good, you may be able to get a fight on a weekend card at one of the big stadiums. Don’t worry about the money cause it will not be good. I’m sure you are fighting for the experience more than the money anyway. If you wanted money, you’d be like Floyd Mayweather Jr and take up western boxing and fight for Goldenboy Promotions.

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