09 Disember 2010

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing?

What's the difference? Which one would have good focus on punching and still have good kicks, knees, and defence/guard?

Muay means "box" or "boxing" in Thai so Muay Thai is "Thai Boxing"! Same thing, same meaning. The terms refer to the same sport.

There is no "Muay Thai Kickboxing" or "Thai Kickboxing" because muay simply means "boxing" not kickboxing.

Some people will argue that "Thai Boxing" refers to the modern ring sport you see today whereas "Muay Thai" refers to the "traditional" style practiced exclusively in Thailand. The truth of the matter is the terms mean one and the same any way you cut it. "modern" or "westernized" version may seem different (not much extended clinching, absence of elbows and throws perhaps?, more emphasis in boxing) but it's not. It's merely a subset of what Muay Thai is or was. It wouldn't make it "modern" because the core techniques and distinct character are still there.

Muay Thai is actually the OFFICIAL & MODERN term for the ring sport that is Thailand's national sport. As I understand it, the term "Muay Thai" has only been in use for approximately a century, which is about the same age as the ring sport.

Muay Thai is also used as a generic term to refer to ALL of Thailand's martial arts. The individual arts each have their own names, but the term Muay Thai is often used generically to refer to them all, much like the term Kung Fu is generically used to refer to Chinese martial arts.

Thai Boxing is merely the English interpretation of Muay Thai. The word Muay has a few different meanings, including singularity and a reference to how Thai's arrange long hair.

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing are kinda redundant ways to refer to the sport. These terms are used mostly to help identify at a glance what the sport or martial art is about to the uninformed masses. The term Muay Thai might mean nothing to your average layman, but if you tell them Muay Thai Kickboxing, they will at least have a basic idea of what its about even if they have never seen it before.

I think too many people read too much into the different terms used. They are all just interchangeable terms used to refer to the sport.

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