05 April 2016

The best muaythai camp in Selangor

1. Muaythai is the national sport of Thailand and one of the most feared ring sports in the world.

2. Kru Raja Ahmad is secretary of Selangor Muaythai Association and a respected trainer of champions.

3. In Klab Boksing Sitkrumat Klang you'll learn:
Part 1: Warm-up, conditioning & introduction to equipment.

You’ll learn the rigorous techniques of Muaythai. Full explanations are given on the different kinds of training gear and how to use them including: ankle supports, hand wraps, gloves, thai pads, focus mitts, the belly protector, kicking shields and more.

Part 2: Basic footwork, punches and elbows

You’ll learn the on guard stance, basic footwork, the jab, cross, hook and uppercut. Detail instruction on form and execution to develop maximum power and speed, as well as combination punching. The proper technique for delivering devastating elbow strikes from all angles.

Part 3: Kicks and Knees

The push kick and its variation and Muaythai’s trademark, the round kick. You’ll learn the footwork and secrets to be able to throw this kick at any target from head to toe. The proper technique for delivering knee strikes from all angles.

Part 4: Fighting technique

Shadow boxing, and how to defend against all attacks and develop an arsenal of counter combinations. A variety of kick and punch combinations, good for fighting or just a great workout.

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