12 April 2017

Muaythai Klang's Class Desciptions

1. All Levels Muay Thai: These classes are open to all members – beginner to advanced, our trainers will make sure to adjust combinations for all levels. You will never be told to do something you’re not ready for! A typical All Levels Muay Thai class will begin with a warm up, 40 to 45 minutes of technique / pad work, and end with 10 to 15 minutes of conditioning.

2. Advanced Muay Thai: Level 1-3 classes are reserved for our advanced skill level members. Level 1-3 classes consist of more advanced pad, sparring, and plam (clinch) drills, including intense conditioning.

3. Boxing & Clinch: These classes are for individuals who wish to polish their hand and elbow skills, as well as improve their clinch technique. These classes are high paced, dynamic 1 hour sessions that include technique, strategy, and strength/speed training. We offer this class to all levels for fitness or competition.

4. Kids Muay Thai: This class is available for children age 7 and up. These authentic Muay Thai classes for children will help improve confidence, self-awareness, agility and physical fitness.

5. Ladies Kickboxing: Ladies kickboxing for women of all ages and skill levels is becoming increasingly popular as a way to get fit, have fun and learn some new skills.

6. Private Training: Whether you’re brand new to Muay Thai or a pro, one on one private sessions give you the opportunity to receive customized training. Get started with our trainers today!

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