27 September 2012

First Muay Thai Club in Klang

Come and train in premier Muay Thai camp in Klang. Established since 2008 by Cikgu Raja Ahmad from Kelantan. MR50 Sitkrumat Camp located inside inspire Taman Rakyat Klang, the big recreation park in Taman Seri Andalas Klang, near South Klang Fire Station, and SMK Seri Andalas.

Just pay only RM50 for register fee and you can train until you boring. No monthly fee, we welcome all ages & races, men or women, and no experience is necessary. Training time every weekend, Saturday & Sunday from 5.00 until 7.30 pm. Please meet Cikgu Raja every weekday to register.

Cikgu Raja has over 15 years fighting, teaching, judging and running succesful Muay Thai courses and regularly writes for and is featured in Muay Thai Magazine (Australia) and also commentator for Fight Night on Astro Arena and General Secretary for Selangor Muay Thai Association. 

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