16 Julai 2011

Train like a Thai, fight like a Thai

Train like a Thai, Fight like a Thai.

The trainers here at Sitkrumat Camp are willingness to share their skills. Our training program is structured in a way that all of your training time is one-on-one time with your own personal trainer – and with all the personal attention that you get here, you’re sure to improve at a rapid rate.

From the time you arrive until the time you leave, you’ll be under the supervision and guidance of your own Muay Thai trainer. We always maintain a great student-to-teacher ratio in order to provide the ideal learning environment for our students.The training sessions here are conducted on a one-on-one basis. Many of the other gyms throughout Kuala Lumpur charge additional fees for private one-on-one lessons and label it as “VIP training”. At Sitkrumat Camp, we view all of our students as VIP’s and we don’t charge you to be treated as such.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s an overview of a typical session.

1. Skipping

2. Stretching

3. Shadow Boxing

4. Technique & Stance Work With Your Trainer

5. Pad Work With Your Trainer (5 full rounds)

6. Sit Ups And Stretches To Finish Off

The majority of students will also join the trainers and fighters to finish off the afternoon training session with tag team sparring and clinching.Since the training is one-on-one, it’s tailored to your needs so there is no “set-in-stone” outline of the workouts.

If your trainer feels you need to spend more time working on something specific (kicks for example), then that’s what you’ll do. Likewise, if there’s something you want to spend more time on, just let your trainer know and the session will be geared around your request. If you want to focus on clinching or sparring one day, then that’s what you will be doing.

It is important to us that you leave here with a technique and stance that we can be proud of. All our trainers are instructed to emphasize proper technique. If your stance is out, or you’re doing something wrong, they’ll let you know – oftentimes over and over again – until you get it right!

Regardless of whether you’re training for fun & fitness or to become a professional Nak Muay, the trainers here will cater to your needs. Once you’re ready and up for the challenge, we can also book you in fights at the local Thai stadium against equally matched opponents.Of course, no fight training would be complete without a wai kru. So stop in and give Sitkrumat Camp a try – you’ll be glad you did.

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