12 November 2016

Muaythai Personal Class

1. Here at Sitkrumat Camp, we offer private classes with head coach Cikgu Raja Ahmad.

2. Private training is the number one way to improve your skills and technique.

3. These classes will be designed for the individuals needs whether you just want to get fit, lose weight, learn self defence or prepare for a fight your needs will be catered for.

4. This type of training will improve your cardiovascular and overall fitness tremendously through a full body workout.

5. It is also a great way of relieving stress as nothing is more stress relieving than smashing some pads.

6. Privates are available every Sunday from 5pm-7pm.

7. The pricing for these classes:

1 session RM30
2 sessions RM50
4 sessions RM100

Group sessions
2 people  RM25 per person
3 or more  RM20 per person

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