04 November 2012

The best camp in Klang

Sitkrumat is the oldest and longest running Muay Thai camp in Klang. Originating in 2008; founder Kru Raja Ahmad has made Muay Thai his life promoting 7 seminars and 10 exhibitions and training more than 300 trainees; as well as promoting the unique Thai culture to the people of Selangor.

At Sitkrumat we cater to your needs whether it be getting fit or learning self defence. Muay Thai is the ultimate for achieving everything required for a sound body and mind including: Self Defence, Self Respect, Motivation, Confidence, Discipline, Fitness & Agility, Co-ordination, Body Tone, Strength, Power and Fat Loss.

Students will learn Sitkrumat's structured and organized drill sets that will accelerate their progress in learning Muay Thai Kickboxing. At this camp you will learn:

1. Kao - 8 forms of knee striking!
2. Sok - 8 ways to knockout your opponent with your elbows!
3. Teep - Learn how to easily keep an agressive opponent from advancing and finish him with brutal blows!
4. Punches – We will show you how to put together combinations that will confuse, hurt and knockout your opponents!
5. Roundhouse Kicks - Learn Sitkrumat's method of generating extreme power in your kicks through a breakdown of each kick.

To contact me for training you can come visit me at MR50 Sitkrumat, Taman Rakyat Klang. If you want to call to make appointments for personal training our phone number is 0199241656.

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