06 Mac 2011

Train with Cikgu Kacak

1. Master Raja Ahmad is not a trainer, he is a Kru, a teacher, an instructor.

2. A trainer is someone who trains fighters to develop and strengthen their skill and techniques, but a Kru, a teacher teaches and explains each step, techniques.

3. Learning Muay Thai is not about learning to fight, learning how to protect yourself using your body, to respect parents, teachers and country, to be the one who is disciplined.

4. Training Muay Thai with Master Raja Ahmad, you can learn the culture and tradition of Muay Thai. Master Raja Ahmad's training bases mostly in basics, because that is what Master Raja Ahmad considers the most important thing in Muay Thai or probably any other martial arts and sports, and other things as well.

5. Then you can further learn fighting techniques and tactics, or self protection, one of the best exercises too.

6. If you already have learned Muay Thai or you are a fighter, training with Master Raja Ahmad will improve your balance and control.

7. If you are a fighter, then it will make your attacks more powerful and your movement faster.

8. If you have never learned Muay Thai, or any kind of martial arts, no problem, Master Raja Ahmad is the best kru for beginners, because what he teaches the best is basics.

9. Master Raja Ahmad's concept of Muay Thai training is to enjoy, it's because it's his passion, he loves and enjoys to teach Muay Thai.

10. Various students from different countries including Thai, expatriates, polices, students, Muay Thai fighters, etc.

11. Some comes in for one day or short time period, some may come regularly, some comes every year.

12. Students come for different reasons too, some for excercise and self-defense, some for reviews and training, some for new techniques and skills, various reasons.

13. No needs to be shy, come train and have fun!

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